Automatic switching

When you switch apps or sites, Apptui will automatically show a remote if it's available. We've made remotes for most popular sites!

Sites with remotes

Quickly navigate between the featured remotes all in one list. New or updated remotes will be added automatically! Let us know if there's a remote you want to see. See all our remotes here.


Apptui features a highly accurate, low-latency trackpad that can control your mouse with precision. Hold to drag, hold and release to right-click and use the scrollbar to scroll up and down pages.


Standard at the top of Apptui remotes is a touch-activated keyboard. This will allow your phone or tablet to submit text to the connected computer, just like a wireless keyboard.


Regardless of the site/app you're currently using, tap the volume button to control your computer's global volume level or mute all.

Multiple computer support

Connect with a single tap to any computer on your Wi-Fi network with Apptui installed.

Browser Controls

Tap the back arrow to go back a page. Use the omnibar to enter URLs or search Google automatically.