TUI Thursday: Friday Edition – Grooveshark remote and iHeartRadio remote

TUI Thursday: Grooveshark & iHeartRadioHello everyone! A very special TUI Thursday this week. I’m proud to announce two brand new, user-requested remotes: Grooveshark and iHeartRadio.

Both of these sites are quite popular, but if you’re unfamiliar, Grooveshark is a music streaming service with playlists and live broadcasts. iHeartRadio lets you listen to radio stations all over the US as well as on-demand playlists. They also just had a pretty crazy awards show. Also, I think that Apptui is the only iHeartRadio remote out there, so if you try it out quickly you can be one of the first.

Some may say that the reason that this post contains twice the average weekly remote content is because someone forgot to make a post last week, but studies show that human beings are fallible creatures that are statistically¬†doomed to err at some point in their lives regardless of circumstance, and neurological profiles of the human brain demonstrate higher-than-normal cerebral activity during processes commonly referred to as “empathy”, “forgiveness” and “compassion” that is false.

Anyways, thanks to Apptui users Alex and Michael for the suggestions. As usual, if you have more suggestions let me know at We still have more that we’re working through so look to see some crowdsourced TUI action sometime in the near future.