The Best Wireless Mouse: Your Phone?

When they celebrate the opening of a new building, what do they do? They take a big ribbon and cut it. To defuse a bomb and save dozens of lives? Grab the right colour wire and give it a snip. When a child is bor— you get the picture. It is the natural tendency of human beings to cut wires, that’s just a basic fact of nature. This has spurred countless innovations in wireless technology and is directly responsible for the popularity of mobile phones. But you already knew that; that’s why you’re here. You want to know what is the best wireless mouse.

Indeed, there are a bunch of good choices for conventional wireless mice with two buttons and scroll wheel. This one is supposed to be good. These guys, not so much. Actually, it looks like there are a lot more bad choices.

Not the Best Wireless Mouse

Minimum order: 500

Really, though, these are all just mice without a wire. With Apptui, we think that we can do more than just get rid of something; we can make the mouse better. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you are already carrying a precision control instrument on your person, so why not turn that into a remote? That’s what Apptui does!

Here’s why we think Apptui is the best wireless mouse:
  1. You own it. Don’t buy any more stuff! Apptui helps you reuse a fancy piece of electronics in a new way.
  2. Touchscreen control. Stop trying to use a mouse on your thigh, the couch armrest or a book that’s not quite big enough. Using your mobile device’s touchscreen means you can stop worrying about having properly-textured flat surfaces around you at all times.
  3. Mouse AND keyboard. Ah, the Achilles’ heel of HTPC setups. Managing a wireless mouse is one thing, but having a full keyboard on your lap as well? That gets to be a bit much in our experience. Apptui gives you precise mouse control and keyboard input, all in one hand.
  4. Custom remotes. This is why we really think Apptui can change how you use your computer. Apptui is the only wireless mouse/computer control app that has automatically switching custom remotes. For example, go to iTunes and you get an iTunes remote, go to YouTube in Chrome and get a YouTube remote with pause/play, volume and more. Same with Netflix, Vimeo, 8tracks… the list goes on.

Check us out! You can get Apptui and the best wireless mouse for free right here.

Apptui: best wireless mouse