Installing the desktop application

  1. Download the application from here.
  2. Open and run the installer from your Downloads folder.
  3. Once the installer is complete, Apptui will be running in the menu bar.

Adding the browser extensions

Apptui browser extensions enable site-specific remotes. You can get them on the Downloads page.

Chrome: Click the install button and click Add.

Chrome Extension

Firefox: Click the install button and click Allow. In the next dialog click Install Now.

Firefox Extension 1

Firefox Extension 2

Safari: Click the install button. This will download the Safari extension into your Downloads folder. Double-click the extension:


and select Install.

Safari Extension 1

Safari Extension 2

Connecting your device

First, the Apptui desktop application will need to be installed and running on the computer you want to control.

Second, you will need the Apptui mobile app. You can download it for free from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Once the desktop application is running on your computer, launch the mobile app. Your computer should automatically appear on the home screen. Tap to connect.

Apptui connectHaving issues? Head over to the FAQ.