Songza + Google Play Music: Get the most out of the marriage

Google Play Music

Now that Songza/Google curated playlists are available to All Access subscribers, we expect that you’ll be spending a lot less time finding what to play, and way more time actually listening to music. This change frees you from the shackle of the traditional iTunes library of old, where you were required to sit close by and nurse your daily soundtrack, waiting until the last second of a track passed so the play count would update. But those days are over now, thank goodness. With cloud playlists powered by Songza, you can press play with confidence.

This new freedom is not absolute, however. What if you want to walk around, go to another room or lay in bed? What if someone calls while you’re relaxing, or you just simply have to skip the song? Should you get up, walk over to your laptop and press the spacebar? Of course not. That’s (partly) why Apptui exists. Once you install Apptui on your computer, you can use the app to turn your phone into a special kind of remote that gives you individual controls for a bunch of sites, including Songza and Google Play Music (illustrated below).

Songza and Google Play Music

But there’s much more to it then that. Do you use Netflix, YouTube, Hulu? We have remotes for them too, as well as 40 other sites and apps,¬†including:

  1. VLC
  2. 8tracks
  3. Spotify
  4. XBMC
  5. iTunes
  6. PowerPoint
  7. Twitch

There’s lots more, and you can check them all out for free by going to our downloads page and getting¬†Apptui. Not only do you get all these remotes, Apptui has been built so that remotes switch on the fly. You’re finished watching Netflix and want to listen to some music? Go to Songza/Google Music and you’ll get a new remote automatically. We hope you like it, and if there’s a site/app that you would like a remote for, drop us a line at