Google Music Remote: Control Google Music With Your Phone

Google Music remote

Remote of the Week

Hello and welcome to the brand new feature Remote of the Week! This week we’re featuring the Google Music remote. Google does things differently. You could even say that they “think differently.” So when it comes to launching a music service, there are certain attributes we can come to expect:

  1. It will be big (18 million tracks and counting, plus 20,000 self-uploaded tracks)
  2. There will be experiments
  3. There will be cool visualizations
  4. There will be doodles
  5. It will be in beta for years until it’s available in other countries… That said: Canada!

Now, you can control Google Music with your phone! Whether you use the service to cloudify your already-owned tracks or to surf the entire catalogue, you might want to move away from your computer on occasion. With Apptui, just grab your phone or tablet and keep control. Go do something: wash the dishes, have some friends over or throw a party. Alternatively, don’t do anything and control your computer from bed. We won’t judge. Our Google Music remote lets you play/pause, switch tracks, search libraries and control in-app volume.

Although this remote has been requested by a few users, Nik was the first. Thanks Nik!

If you’re not familiar with Apptui, it’s our new app that lets you control your whole computer with your Android/iOS phone or tablet. We give you mouse control, full keyboard input and have special customized remotes for your favorite sites and apps. If I’m lying about that last claim, send us an email at and let us know what we’re missing! It worked for the Google Music remote and it can work for you!

Addendum: Those wondering why this post is not part of the much-loved “TUI Thursday” blog post series should note that “TUI Thursday” has been put on temporary hiatus in respect for the trademarks and branding of TUI Deutschland GmbH. Thanks for your understanding.