5 Reasons Why the Best Apple TV Alternative is Your Computer

Best Apple TV Alternative

Do You Already Own the Best Apple TV Alternative?

If you’re a fan of buying small black boxes that plug into your TV, this could very well be your Golden Age. Companies left and right are releasing DVRs, set-top boxes and streaming sticks, all of varying quality. Apple TV is definitely one of the frontrunners, but it is far from perfect. Is there a good enough Apple TV alternative out there somewhere?

What if I told you that you already owned a box that does everything Apple TV and its competitors do and more? Well, if you have a personal computer, then this is true. Here’s why your PC or Mac is the ultimate Apple TV alternative:

  1. It doesn’t cost anything. Since it is already in your possession, owning your own computer will not cost any money.
  2. It does everything. Almost by definition, everything that you like to do on a computer is on your computer: YouTube, Netflix, video streaming, local and downloaded video files, music, games, applications, etc.
  3. You know how to use it. If you own a computer, you probably know how to do what you like to do. You know where to watch your shows, where your home movies are stored and what your account passwords are. Everything already works.
  4. You have full control. There are legitimate advantages to being in a closed system, but content licensing has rendered the video streaming landscape a mess. Regardless of what services/sites you use, you’ll never have everything all in one place. With full web browsing and access to all your local files, your computer offers as much as possible. Also, you won’t be at the mercy of giant technology and media companies who decide at will what you can and can’t watch. Any proprietary Apple TV alternative will be subject to the same issues.
  5. Connecting to your TV is easy. At this point you might be wondering how a computer compares to a living room set-top box like Apple TV. Regardless of what kind of TV you have, there are multiple ways to get your computer on TV. Simple HDMI cables are a pretty foolproof solution. If you want to get rid of wires, check out WiDi or Miracast. In fact, if you really want to know you can check out our previous articles on How to connect a laptop to a TV and How to connect a MacBook to a TV.

Oh, by the way, if you want to control your computer while it’s hooked up to your TV, check out Apptui. Apptui is an app we made to solve the problem of control when you’re not leaning over your laptop. We think it works great for those who like to lean back, and you can watch this video we made to see how to get started.