8tracks Remote: Control Your Music From Anywhere

8tracks_lgOver the last little while we’ve had the pleasure of working with 8tracks to let users control their playlists from anywhere with their phone. They are awesome people providing an awesome service, so check them out if you don’t already use them all day at work. Basically, they have thousands of publicly-created playlists of every genre. All the usual top tracks, bangers and workout mixes are there, but there are tons of really neat niche playlists that will show you something new. Based, for example, around the morning, the night orĀ the jungle.

Reasons you might need an 8tracks remote:

  • You’re having a party and don’t exactly trust that your computer will be safe as a public jukebox, but you still want to let people choose some tracks
  • You don’t feel like getting out of bed to change the track because it’s late Saturday morning and you have absolutely no plans at all because your party last night was good
  • You’re cooking and don’t want your laptop to get spilled on/knocked over/covered in grease/on fire
  • You’re cleaning and having earphone wires on while doing actual things is painful, but you want to control the playlist without interrupting your focus
  • You are some kind of land baron/vampire/royalty and your room is so huge that walking over to change the track is just way too tiring

Also, excitingly, we’ve put together a playlist of Canadian tracks for the discerning sleepoverer. ListenĀ here if you feel like staying up.

If you’re new to Apptui, you can get it for free here. Not only can it control 8tracks, but it lets you control your whole computer with your phone or tablet. You get mouse control, keyboard input and a bunch of customized remotes like this one for 8tracks. If you have any questions or have ideas for remotes that you’d like to see, send us an email at support@apptui.com.